Hygea Homecare Wins 2024 Top 20 Home Care Agency in the East Midlands Award

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    Hygea Homecare celebrates sustainable growth with a crystal-clear ethos, industry recognition, and an award from Homecare.co.uk. This distinction demonstrates the standout efforts of everyone at Hygea Homecare, showcasing their continual process of striving for greatness and upholding fantastic care to consumers in the home.

    A Celebration of Excellence and Perseverance

    Receiving the Top 20 Home Care Agency in East Midlands award for two consecutive years is nothing to sneeze at. It says much about the Hygea Homecare team and their dedication to providing individualised, person-centred care. Notably, it is awarded through satisfaction and positive observations from the carer’s interactions with residents. Only true vetted reviews through homecare.co.uk count towards winning these awards, which we embrace. It allows us to see through our clients’ and families’ eyes how we perform in our duty of care.

    Consecutive Wins and What They Mean to us.

    Hygea Homecare considers this back-to-back award a confirmation of its commitment to improvement within the home care industry. One of our founding members and Director of Hygea is speaking about our dedication to providing high-quality, compassionate care to our clients. 

    Being the recipient of this award for a second year is truly unique. It helps to reaffirm our faith in continuing to help our community and provide dedicated support for all individuals. Our dedication to caring for the community is paramount, and this acknowledgement affirms that what we do works. This is an incredibly proud moment for everyone at Hygea Homecare. We are proud to receive this recognition and will continue to strive for excellence in our services.

    Staff Commitment and Pride

    At the core of everything, Hygea Homecare and its incredible team, administrative staff, trainers, and carers make this organisation what it is. They consistently rise above to ensure every client receives the best care possible. This is demonstrated in how they show up daily for their job and in every aspect of long-term care planning.

    Being voted the top 20 home care agency for a second year is an honour! We know that it proves everyone puts in all the hard work and dedication to their jobs. We value our clients and love seeing that what we do is helpful and empowering lives. This recognition humbles us and inspires us to continue delivering the quality of care our patients expect.

    What goes in to an award winning care agency?

    A Dedication to Excellence and Innovation

    We provide a nurturing and personalised plan of care designed to meet the needs derived from our thorough discharge planning system. Hygea Homecare heavily invests in continuous training and professional development to ensure its team always has the latest skills and knowledge.

    Education and Training

    Hygea Homecare understands the importance of quality care training. We invest in developing a highly skilled workforce at the heart of its success. The agency conducts frequent training sessions with its carers to ensure they can always provide high-quality care. This dedication to professional growth directly translates to ensuring a high level of service for clients.

    Innovative Care Solutions

    Hygea Homecare is leading the way in integrating new solutions that bring more out of care. Whether through advanced care management software or updated methods of communication, the agency is constantly evolving in its quest to improve efficiency. Such innovations allow carers to spend more time with clients, giving them individual and dedicated care.

    Person-centred Care

    Hygea Homecare believes in person-centred care, which reflects the diversity of client needs, preferences, and goals integral to this approach. Hygea Homecare involves clients and their family members in decision-making to ensure tailored care.

    Tailored Care Plans

    Every client gets a personalised care plan to fit the person’s needs, which means specific professional services will be provided. These plans are regularly reviewed and revised to reflect changes in the client’s circumstances or wishes. This flexibility allows us to ensure that clients get the most suitable and effective care.

    Building Strong Relationships

    One of Hygea’s missions is to create relationships with clients and families. Our carers get acquainted with their clients to help cultivate companionship and trust. Building this relationship is essential for care that satisfies utilitarian and emotional needs.

    Supporting Local Initiatives

    Hygea Homecare also gets involved in community events and other local efforts to help create a stronger, more well-informed community. These include workshops and support groups designed to improve the overall wellness of our community.

    Collaborative Partnerships

    Hygea Homecare works with local organisations and other healthcare providers to create comprehensive care plans for everyone. The agency’s partnerships give clients access to various services and resources, addressing any need.

    Expanding Services

    Additionally, Hygea Homecare has been working to create diverse services that cater to ever-changing needs. Specialised care programs are offered for chronic conditions, dementia support, and post-operative care. By expanding its service line, the agency will provide comprehensive care solutions to more individuals in need.

    Leveraging Technological Innovations

    The future of home care is technology-driven, and Hygea Homecare will have a front-row seat. Leveraging technology to improve care delivery, the company utilises technology for everything from its care management software to focus on client outcomes.


    Hygea Homecare has won this award for the second time in 2024 and 2023, which is extraordinary. This reflects the company’s devoted care and its employee’s hard work. Hygea Homecare is a leading solution rooted in continuous improvement and innovation, with person-centred care at the core of our values. The pride and passion of the Hygea Homecare team are visible in everything they do, ensuring that their clients receive world-class service.

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