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The homecare company with a difference.

We strive to provide quality homecare to individuals in their own homes, and we take great pride in being an award-winning company that has gone from providing care to leading the way in care.

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Hygea: Delivering Outstanding Care to the Local Community

Hygea Homecare is a compassionate and dedicated home care company established in January 2021. Founded by Joanne Godsall, a healthcare professional with over 20 years of experience, Hygea Homecare strives to revolutionise the home care industry and provide superior care to its clients.

After working with various home care providers and identifying the shortcomings in the quality of care services, Joanne decided to create a better alternative. She enlisted the support of her husband, Adam Godsall, and together they built Hygea Homecare from the ground up.

Throughout 2021, Joanne and Adam worked tirelessly to develop their business. In November of that year, they achieved their CQC registration, which allowed them to deliver regulated care services within their local community. This milestone marked the beginning of their journey to provide exceptional care.

With a focus on expertise and professionalism, Hygea Homecare has assembled a highly trained care workforce. They have also formed strong partnerships with local authorities to ensure each client receives the highest quality of care possible.

Hygea Homecare is driven by Joanne and Adam’s unwavering commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. Their combined experience and passion for exceptional care have positioned Hygea as an industry leader in delivering personalised and compassionate services.

As an organisation rooted in community well-being, Hygea Homecare strives to inspire other care providers by prioritising the well-being and happiness of their clients. With its dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Hygea Homecare is set to impact the industry and become a shining example of exceptional home care services.

Meet your key contacts

registered manager

Joanne Godsall

Director/Registered Manager
Chief operations officer

Adam Godsall

Chief Operations Officer
Char Care Manager

Charlotte Latimer

Care Manager
care quality commision

We are a fully regulated service provider

The Care Quality Commission regulate all care providers in England, read more about what we do to ensure compliance and deliver a safe and secure care service.

CQC is the independent regulator of Health and Social Care in England. They monitor, inspect, and regulate to make sure that people have access to safe caring effective responsive well-led care services which meet fundamental standards for quality.


Service users will play an integral role in all decisions that impact the care and support delivered to them.

Safe care practice

We will provide a service where safety and security is at the centre of all decisions made, this will be reflected in the practice of all management and staff.

Individual care

All Service Users will be treated as individuals whilst ensure equality is maintained.

Compassion, Dignity and Respect

Service users will be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect during all interactions.

Questions? You’re covered

We provide comprehensive care and assistance to those who have been discharged from the hospital following an acute episode. We work closely with the discharge team at your local hospital to ensure that your transfer of care is a seamless process.

Our aim is always to support you to remain safely in your own home, particularly during the first six weeks post-discharge.

We will provide a service where safety and security are at the centre of all decisions made, this will be reflected in the practice of all management and staff.

We will ensure that the clients who use our services feel valued, respected and part of a community.

We will work with other agencies and provide appropriate training for staff in order that they are able to work effectively with other professionals, in order to provide a joined-up service.

Our goal is to ensure that all care delivered is tailored to the individual, taking into account their choices and wishes. We also ensure that all religious, cultural, racial and gender identities are respected and included in care plans.
We offer a range of services to people in their own homes, helping them to live a fulfilling and independent life.

We will strive to promote our culture through our values that place Service Users at the center of everything. The Director of Services and their team will lead by example in the way they treat others and how they carry out their daily roles. They will ensure that our values are practised throughout every aspect of the organization, which includes how we treat our fellow employees.

Our culture will also be achieved by recognizing and celebrating good practices and achievements made by colleagues.