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Signs of dementia

The Dementia Journey: Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to the top five frequently asked questions about dementia, including care options, signs of progression, and support resources for caregivers and families.
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Stroke brain injury

Act Fast: Understanding the Key Aspects of Strokes for Timely Recovery

Learn how recognising stroke symptoms promptly is crucial for better recovery. Understand the impacts, symptoms, and care for strokes.
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Unlocking the mystery of dementia

Unlocking the Mysteries of Dementia: Navigating Care Options with Ease

Discover the complexities of Dementia and explore care options. Learn about Alzheimer's, the top cause, and explore vital insights for families.
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Social care and nhs

The role of social care in building a stronger NHS

Discover the vital role of social care in strengthening the NHS. Learn how social care relieves hospital burdens, enables recovery at home, and reduces waiting ...
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Life as a domiciliary care worker

A Day in the Life of a Domiciliary Care Worker

Domiciliary care workers are crucial in supporting individuals living independently in their homes. These dedicated professionals provide a wide range of services, from personal care ...
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Medication administration

Mastering Medication Administration Records

Mastering Medication Administration Records is crucial for patient safety and effective healthcare. By following best practices, conducting regular audits, and embracing electronic systems, healthcare professionals ...
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Promoting dignity in home care

6 Tips to Promote Dignity in Elderly Home Care

Discover the Top 6 Factors to Promote Dignity in Elderly Home Care. Upholding our loved ones' dignity is vital as they age. Beyond meeting basic ...
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Dementia awareness

Benefits of Early Dementia Diagnosis

Discover the Benefits of Early Dementia Diagnosis. Join us during Dementia Action Week (13-19 May 2024) to improve diagnosis rates in the UK. Empower yourself ...
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End-of-life planning

End-of-Life Planning: Beyond Medical Care

Discover the importance of end-of-life planning beyond medical care. Ensure a compassionate and personalised approach to honor individuals' beliefs and emotions.
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