End of Life Care

Specialist Palliative and end of life care.

We strive to fulfil the desire of countless individuals to spend their final days in the comfort of their own homes, offering unwavering care and support to facilitate this heartfelt wish.

Compassionate home-based care and support for the final journey of life

Remaining in the comfort of one's home can bring solace to older individuals as they embrace their remaining days. Not only does this bring peace to their hearts, but it also offers reassurance to their loved ones.

Indeed, it is vital to carefully consider their physical necessities and emotional well-being to provide the most suitable care.

Through a compassionate and highly trained team, end-of-life care caters to those facing the most challenging battle against severe and terminal illnesses like advanced dementia or cancer. Our ultimate aim is to ease symptoms, pain, and emotional burdens, allowing you to savour every moment with your cherished ones.

With a focus on continuously improving the quality of life, this specialised service works hand in hand with other healthcare experts, including the Community Nursing Team and GPs. Together, we strive to provide the utmost comfort and support, ensuring you or your loved one experiences peace and dignity until the end.

End of life care

Why do families choose end of life care at home?

Palliative care at home is becoming patients’ and families preferred choice when the time comes. More and more families are choosing this option because they feel most comfortable in their familiar surroundings and have the flexibility to have those closest visits without restrictions.

The benefits of end of life care at home

End-of-life care is a gentle embrace of compassion and empathy, a sacred form of healthcare that cradles and consoles those nearing the end of their journey.

The true essence of this specialised care is revealed when individuals can spend their final days in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones, free from the sterile confines of a hospital.

End-of-life care offers a peaceful and serene setting. It provides a much-needed respite for families, who can find solace in knowing that their loved one is receiving quality time and attention at home before their final farewell.

With dedicated and experienced carers by their side, one-to-one end-of-life care goes beyond mere symptom relief; it offers a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, and a heart to listen to during their final moments.

How quickly can a care package be arranged?

When you’re suffering from a life-limiting illness that can change rapidly, it’s essential to seek help and support.

We offer emergency home care, and in many cases, we can arrange everything in less than 24 hours of getting in touch with us – especially if your situation doesn’t allow for planning.

Our local team will do all they can to facilitate the support you require in the shortest amount of time possible, for assistance please call 0115 648 6630.

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