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Check out our latest home care jobs at Hygea and join our fantastic team of carers, who deliver high-quality care to your community.

Are you at your best when caring for others?

Join our home care team and use your compassion to make a real difference, all with a flexible schedule that suits you.

As a domiciliary home care assistant, you’ll support people in your community, often long-time neighbours, in their homes. Home care lets you build lasting connections and meet wonderful people with a flexible schedule that fits any lifestyle.

You’ll help clients maintain independence by assisting with daily tasks like getting ready in the morning, taking medication, feeding pets, and staying mobile. We seek care assistants who are kind, caring, and dignified to build meaningful relationships with our clients.

We have many home care job opportunities in Derbyshire, ranging from care assistants to senior management.

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What does it take to be a home care assistant at Hygea?

What are the duties of a home care worker?

You’ll be helping several people a day with tasks like:

So what about pay and benefits?

We offer rewarding permanent contracts of employment with many company benefits, such as paternity/maternity pay, 5.6 weeks of holiday pay, and more; see below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hygea care staff members receive a tax-free mileage allowance, and you also get paid for your travel time between clients’ homes and from home to your first and last call to home.

You will also accumulate holiday entitlement and be paid for all the time spent working, including travel time. Remember to weigh these enticing benefits against other home care agencies and providers.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

At its core, this role revolves around nurturing elderly individuals who age gracefully in the comfort of their homes.

Whether accompanying them on outings, assisting, providing aid with their medication, or offering personalised care for those battling dementia, the duties mirror those we would lovingly fulfil for our families.

Experience is not required, but it’s an added bonus if you possess some. We welcome individuals embarking on their first journey into the world of care as a profession.

You’re on the right track as long as you have a caring heart and empathetic nature. These are the fundamental qualities and mindsets we value when seeking recruits. We’ll handle the training for everything else.

Our commitment to your success starts with our comprehensive training program, which equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge for your role.

Through hands-on courses, mentorship from seasoned Care Professionals, and a carefully crafted continuous learning curriculum, we empower you to deliver top-notch care to our clients.

As you grow with us, we will continue to support and appreciate you.

You may feel like you’re on your own, but in reality, many people ponder this question. It’s a common misconception that caring solely revolves around bathing and grooming.

While these tasks are essential, our Care Professionals offer a much broader range of support. From helping with household chores to providing companionship, our team goes above and beyond to meet our client’s needs.

We believe in more extended care visits, allowing our Care Professionals to dedicate themselves to each individual. This also means you won’t rush from one client to the next.

Having more time can help you form genuine connections and create lasting memories. We’re always looking for Care Professionals who value spending quality time with others, making every moment count, and encouraging our clients to pursue their passions.

However daunting it may seem, you will work alongside other colleagues who will help foster your skills.

Our valued clients require unwavering care around the clock. Luckily, our dedicated Care Professionals can opt for their preferred working hours; however, for full-time carers, we expect at least two evening shifts per week and part-time staff at least one evening per week, as a minimum. 

Staff also only work on rotation every other weekend.

However, since our peak periods are during mornings, lunch, and evenings, it is vital to have availability during these bustling times.

Transportation is essential to ensure punctuality for appointments. As much as we appreciate the eco-friendly option of biking, our clients’ homes may be quite a trek apart.

Fear not; a trusty car or motorbike/moped can do the trick. However, public transit or a stroll can also suffice for visiting certain areas.

Yes, without a doubt, our dedicated care team must undergo an extensive background check (DBS) to cater to our esteemed clients effectively.

Hygea Homecare initially pays for your DBS check; after all, we want you to join our team, and we must provide this service.

However, there are stipulations that if you leave your employment within a certain period, you must pay back a percentage of the initial cost.

There would undoubtedly be endless opportunities for growth and advancement. Hygea is dedicated to equipping every team member with the tools and support necessary to thrive.

Our track record speaks for itself – countless individuals have joined our illustrious care team, embodying the perfect combination of characteristics and talents. They have skyrocketed to supervisory positions in record time.

From there, they have seamlessly transitioned into office roles as care coordinators and field coordinators, and some have even ascended to the prestigious role of care manager, successfully overseeing entire branches and teams.

Yes, we strongly urge our care professionals to continuously pursue additional qualifications and participate in various training courses that empower them to enhance their expertise and broaden their understanding of the care field.

Absolutely. We have a clear programme of regular supervision and appraisals that all team members receive to help them develop their careers.

Achieving the Care Certificate is a pivotal step for every care worker embarking on their journey as a Care Professional. Our organisation offers comprehensive training and unwavering guidance to ensure your success in obtaining this coveted certification.

All Care Professionals at Hygea will complete the Care Certificate during their first three months. The training provided by Hygea is more comprehensive than just the Care Certificate, as we believe a more thorough training programme is needed to become an exceptional Care Professional.

No matter the hour, a listening ear is always within reach. Our out-of-hours service offers advice and support, guiding you through tough or troubling times. You are never alone!

Whether you’re just beginning to consider a fulfilling career in caregiving or unsure if it’s the right path for you, fear not!

Call and chat with one of our warm and welcoming team members. They’ll happily share more about the role and help you determine if it’s a match made in heaven for you.

They may even suggest meeting one of our exceptional Care Professionals in person so you can truly immerse yourself in the experience or joining as a volunteer for a week to give you an understanding of what it’s like to be a carer.

Let’s be honest; a career in care may not always be smooth sailing. There will be challenges, moments of struggle, and obstacles to overcome. But the reward is immeasurable. You’ll hold a special place in the hearts of those you care for as their trusted confidant during tough times.

And let’s not forget that joining the Hygea family means your days will never be mundane. You’ll cross paths with people from all walks of life, sharing laughter and perhaps a few tears. Who knows, you may even form lifelong bonds along the way. Excitement, growth, and adventure await!

Our team of Care Professionals is equipped with our signature Hygea polo shirts, which exude both style and practicality. To complete the look, pair it with your own black or blue trousers and comfortable flat black shoes.

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