Medication Administration

Medication Assistance

Hygea can help you take your medications and provide companionship during your visit. They can do this in the comfort of your own home.

Safe and controlled medications

Navigating medication can be daunting, from navigating a new treatment regimen to keeping track of existing prescriptions. The intricacies of proper dosages and administration can add another layer of complexity. This can understandably cause worry for both seniors and their loved ones. But fear not, for we are dedicated to simplifying the process for all.

Our team collaborates seamlessly with GPs and pharmacists to ensure accurate medication is initially prescribed. Our comprehensive medication service offers a range of options to provide ease and peace of mind.

Precise medication administration

We can handle medication straight from its original packaging or specialised systems like NOMAD or MDS packs provided by the pharmacy.

Our caregivers are highly trained and well-versed in assisting with various forms of medication, including creams, inhalers, nebulisers, and even nose, eyes, and ear drops.

Safety is not just a priority; it’s our unwavering commitment. We emphasise establishing clear lines of responsibility when it comes to medication management.

Our ultimate goal is to work with our esteemed clients and their loved ones to ensure a seamless and safe medication experience.

Digitally recorded MAR records

Our caregivers will have electronic access to your care plan to provide prompt and accurate healthcare. The system also provides reminders of you or your family’s needs and updates about medications or other treatments that might be required.

Help with medication means you can relax, knowing that our carers will give out the medicines required to ensure that everything is done on time and correctly.

Our carers help ensure that no medications are missed or taken twice by mistake. They record every administration on our eMAR system for each medication.

Community Care Assistants can also apply prescribed creams/ointments and eye drops with corresponding body maps to ensure accuracy.

Specially trained carers

All caregivers, care coordinators, and management are highly trained in medication handling by our internally qualified trainers.

This ensures that we as a company reduce meds errors, by following best practices and follow all regulations in the handling and disposal of medicines.

Our workforce is often spot-checked, and we run a competency check on all staff throughout the year.

Our internal auditors check digital records, and completion statuses to identify any issues at the earliest opportunity.

We liaise with GPs and other medical practitioners when medicines should be reviewed.

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An eMAR chart stands for electronic Medication Administration Record and is a working document used to record the administration of medicines.

All clients will have their own individual eMAR chart, detailing all prescribed medications, whether prescribed by the GP or Specialist at the hospital, with all information recorded clearly.

Accurate records reduce the risk of medication errors.

We use technology to record medication intake in the digital carers app. However, as an extra safety feature, our carers cannot complete care records and check out until the carer has completed all tasks; this includes medication administration.

  • The individual’s full name ( as it appears on the medication)
  • Which medicines are prescribed for the individual
  • When they must be given
  • What the dose is
  • Any special information, such as giving medicines with food

A MAR ( Medication Administration Record) or eMAR (electronic Medication Administration Record) is a document that records what medication has been administered or refused. These documents are to be kept for a certain length of time and could be used as evidence; therefore, their accuracy is imperative.

In addition to the above, these documents could help identify emerging patterns and prompt timely medical interventions, including GP medication reviews.

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