Nutrition & Hydration

Nutrition & Hydration

Our home care team knows the importance of a good diet and hydration, and we cater to all dietary requirements and cultures.

A good balance of Nutrition and Hydration in older adults.

It may seem daunting, but with our help, we can create delicious meals and provide an abundance of essential fluids that cater to the unique needs of every individual at every stage of life.

From simple re-heating to preparing elaborate homemade meals, our dedicated caregivers are equipped to cater to all meal preferences and dietary restrictions. 

We also offer specialised assistance for those with specific nutritional requirements, such as thickened drinks, diabetic diets, and blood sugar monitoring.

We monitor food & fluid intake, to ensure a balanced diet.

We continuously monitor and evaluate food and fluid intake to ensure our clients’ optimal health.

With our attentive support, we monitor immediate and long-term dietary trends, ensuring that our clients receive the necessary sustenance for their well-being.

The key to optimal health for older individuals is nourishing their bodies with the proper nutrition and hydration. A strong foundation of delicious, nutritious meals and abundant hydrating liquids is crucial for people of all ages.

Sensory Experiences in cooking brings back memories.

Sensory experiences are powerful tools for evoking cherished memories and emotions. Familiar dishes bring comfort, while new flavours add spice and excitement to life.

Our team is adept at preparing various meals, from simple re-heating to creating almost culinary masterpieces from scratch, but we are certainly not Masterchefs.

While it may seem daunting, investing time and effort into procuring the right ingredients and preparing regular meals and drinks is a small price to pay for overall well-being.

We understand clients divers needs, preferences and choice.

We have it covered, whether thickened drinks for swallowing difficulties, diabetic-friendly meals, or blood sugar monitoring.

Equipped with food hygiene and nutrition expertise, our carers diligently monitor food and fluid intake to meet individual nutritional requirements. This allows us to monitor immediate concerns and track long-term progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about how Hygea Homecare can provide exceptional support with diet and hydration, contact your local team today at 0115 648 6630.

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