Top secret staff training day

A new way of training and having fun in the process!

Say goodbye to bland, mandatory training sessions and say hello to Hygea’s “Top Secret” themed training days!

Our employees had a blast at the unique one-day event, where they were challenged and engaged in fun and exciting ways. We held this training day over two weeks and split into two groups – and staff who participated in the first session had to maintain absolute secrecy – and they did an outstanding job!

Detective case solving

So what did our care staff do on these training days?

The Top Secret training was divided into three distinct parts:

1. Visual Drawing: Unleash your inner artist as you work with your teammates to create visual representations of various scenarios and challenges. This activity will help improve communication skills, foster creativity, and encourage collaboration among team members.

2. Minefield Exercise: Navigate through a virtual minefield filled with obstacles! This exercise tests your problem-solving skills, teamwork, and ability to adapt under pressure. Remember, it’s not just about reaching the finish line – it’s about working together and overcoming challenges as a team.

3. Detective Session: Put on your detective hats and dive into unsolved cases. Collaborate with your colleagues to analyse evidence, connect the dots, and crack the case! This activity will sharpen your critical thinking, attention to detail, and deductive reasoning skills.

Carers laughing

Do we think our carers had fun?

At our recent top-secret staff training day, we made sure to provide not only educational and informative activities but also a whole lot of fun!

We carefully planned and organised various engaging and entertaining activities for our carers. These activities were designed to help them develop their skills and knowledge and encourage team bonding and create lasting memories.

Understanding the importance of taking breaks and refuelling, we provided food and refreshments throughout the day. This allowed our carers to take a break from their activities, socialise with their colleagues, and enjoy themselves while recharging their energy levels.

In conclusion, we firmly believe that our carers had a fantastic time at our top-secret staff training day. By combining engaging activities, a comfortable environment, food and refreshments, and opportunities for celebrating achievements, we created an educational and enjoyable event for everyone involved. 

We look forward to hosting more of these training days to continue supporting our amazing team of carers.

Look at some of the pictures to see how engaging and fun these training days were.

Two happy carers in training
Two carers laughing during training
Top secret training
Tension running high
Playing detective
Smiling for the camera
navigating the bombs
Our smilling Sam
Minefield game
lots of laughter
Happy training day
feeling peckish
Finding the culprit
Detective skills
Detective case solving
Carers top secret training day
Carers guiding each other
Blindfolded training

Why did we do this type of training as a care provider?

As care providers, we understand our immense responsibility to ensure our staff is well-trained and equipped to handle the complex and varied tasks that come with providing health and social care services. In this blog section, we will delve into why we chose to invest in staff training, highlighting its numerous benefits to our organisation and, most importantly, our patients.

1. Increased employee performance

One of the primary goals of staff training is to improve the overall performance of our employees. By providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools, we ensure they are better equipped to handle any situation they encounter daily. This not only leads to higher quality care for our patients but also contributes to the success and growth of our organisation.

2. Stronger Workforce

Staff training helps us build a more cohesive and competent workforce. Our employees learn to collaborate effectively, share knowledge, and support each other in providing the best possible care to our patients. A well-trained workforce will likely stay motivated, engaged, and committed to achieving organisational goals.

3. Alignment with organisational goals

Investing in staff training ensures that our employees understand and work towards the same goals as our organisation. This alignment fosters a shared sense of purpose and helps create a positive work environment that benefits our staff and our patients.

4. Boosts motivation and engagement

Training programs provide employees with opportunities to learn new skills and develop their careers, which can lead to increased motivation and job satisfaction. Employees who feel valued and supported by their organisation are likelier to remain engaged and committed to providing the best possible care.

5. Expand knowledge sharing

As our employees participate in training programs, they gain valuable insights and knowledge that can be shared throughout the organisation. This promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement, fostering innovation and enhancing our quality of care.

6. Fosters innovation in the workplace

Training programs can inspire new ideas and approaches to providing care. By encouraging our staff to think creatively and problem-solve, we create an environment where innovation thrives, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective processes within our organisation.

7. Improves company processes

Investing in staff training allows us to identify areas of improvement in our processes and implement necessary changes. This leads to more streamlined operations and helps ensure that we provide the highest standard of care possible to our patients.


In conclusion, our decision to invest in staff training as a care provider is rooted in our commitment to delivering exceptional patient care. Through comprehensive training programs, we can build a competent care workforce.

Our Top Secret training days have been an unforgettable experience, providing valuable lessons and skills that will benefit our carers professionally and personally, all while having super fun, having lots of laughter and bonding as a team.

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