How we deliver excellence in Home Care

Case management is the process that we – along with other parties, such as case managers and commissioners-follow to deliver our best standard of care.

We have been in a constant battle against disease for years, and it is only getting worse. With significant shifts happening within our demographics, there has never been more demand for healthcare providers than now. The good news? They’re responding with innovations to help you maintain your loved ones at home while giving them what they need!

Case management can be more cost-effective than downstream acute care, which means the premise of case management is that it leads to positive outcomes for service users. Case managers also put processes in place, so patients have a better chance at managing their health and avoiding hospital visits if possible – thus reducing the potential need for expensive services such as intensive nursing while still meeting all requirements.

Our case management

Case management is crucial in ensuring that patients can get the care they need. First, cases are identified as individuals who may be at risk for hospitalisation if their appropriate services aren’t provided. Second, case managers work with these people to ensure resources are available when needed.

Once these cases have been identified, our team works with commissioners or third-party case managers to explore ways to deliver the required care– a service called “case management.”

At Hygea, we have a diverse range of personalised home care services available thanks to our highly-trained staff. This means that with the right expertise and equipment, you can be sure your loved one will always receive high-quality support!

We know that individuals need different things at different times. That’s why we coordinate care to cover all aspects of an individual’s needs, including medication management and advocacy when necessary for them or their family members who may be unable to provide those services anymore due to changes over time. In addition, constant monitoring helps us keep up with any changes needed on your behalf, so you’re always getting the best possible support from us!

At Hygea, effective communication and transparency are the keys to successful case management. That’s why our care associates spend much of their time visiting clients to ensure that you’re getting all your needs met-from, from changing individual care needs to encourage feedback at every opportunity!

We work with all the parties involved, including service users’ families and third-party case managers. We also monitor things from our side so that everyone stays in sync about any changes to a patient’s condition or requirements.

Our expert team of professionals provides creative and responsible case management to help our clients live their best lives.

For more information on our care, please visit the services section or call today on 0115 648 6630 if you would like a care worker assigned!

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