Why choose a career in care?

A career in care

Choosing a career in care at Hygea Homecare is a great decision if you’re compassionate and enjoy helping others.

Choosing a career in care

You may be starting to think about your future path upon graduation, or the idea of a career switch has crossed your mind.

Either way, a career in healthcare holds the promise of immense fulfilment. The reasons for choosing this noble industry are plentiful. Still, none quite compare to the pure desire to better the lives of others, especially the most vulnerable in our society.

Many carers began their journey as selfless volunteers or even as caregivers for a beloved family member or friend.

So, why become a carer?

If you care about others and like to make them feel comfortable, you might be good at a job where you help people. You could use your natural talent to have a rewarding career and positively impact people’s lives.

You get to meet new people

A job in the care industry means you’ll meet many different people. You’ll work with other carers and healthcare workers, and you might make some good friends.

You’ll also get to know people in your neighbourhood. It’s a great job if you like being active and helping others.

A career in care is rewarding

Becoming a carer means making a big difference in someone’s life and feeling good about it. You’ll see the results of your hard work every day. Helping people stay independent or supporting them at home will be satisfying.

Knowing you’ve done your best to help and played an essential part in assisting people to overcome illness or disability will give you a unique feeling of accomplishment as a carer.

Every community has people who need extra help, like those who are sick or old. Working as a carer in your community can be fulfilling, and you won’t have to travel far to get to work.

So what about pay and benefits?

We offer rewarding permanent contracts of employment with many company benefits, such as paternity/maternity pay, 5.6 weeks of holiday pay, and more; see below for more information.

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